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Sorry to disappoint people who come here for radio content, but this post has nothing to do with log-periodic antennas. On the other hand, for anyone who comes here to read about neat software stuff I'm working on, please keep reading!


An introduction to process control theory and description of the PID algorithm (Proportional, Integral, Derivative), along with a demo of an in-browser simulation I developed.


The reasons for and design of my perl module Update::Immutable and the companion javascript module update-immutable.


In April 2009 I wrote up a simple utility over a weekend called vmtouch. It helped me solve a few problems I was experiencing on the job and, most pressingly, let me run a series of experiments to satisfy my curiosity about how the filesystem page cache works. I have found vmtouch very useful over the past 7 or so years, and apparently a few other people have too.


A walk-through of a simple FM demodulator I built for RTL-SDR: source code.