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On this website I write and talk about various technical topics.



I just released a new program: Tabplate is an e-paper guitar tab reader.


Timer library for C++ with a flexible API.


Lightning talk for C++ Toronto meetup about the C++17 bindings I'm maintaining for LMDB.


I created a new program for the ETH UofT hackathon: Ephemerand is an experimental approach to generating a globally-consistent randomness beacon using measurements from the GPS system.


Discusses some advantages and disadvantages of a few different methods for measuring small-value capacitance and inductance, with a special focus on the resonance method. We measure a capacitor from first principles using nothing but a frequency counter, some passive components, and high-school algebra.


I created a device to assist in morse code transmission, commonly called a keyer. It has nearly all the features you'd expect from a keyer, and can be built for less than $40 including project box (but not including the key or the radio of course). The source code is open and the schematics are available later in this article. All I ask is you let me know if you build one too!


I want to start better documenting my cheese-making efforts, beginning with this tomme I started Feb 2, 2017. This is mostly just for my own reference, but I've been asked before about my technique, so you might find it interesting. Just ask me if you have any questions!